Craps Table Rental


Craps table rental is a Casino Game known for creating huge excitement and fun! A and S Play Zone can provide you with this high action game, along with professionally trained dealers to make your next event a for sure hit. We understand that many of your guests might be a little intimidated by this complex game – which is why our friendly Craps Dealers are here to help, and instruct your guests on the ins and outs of this exciting game. Craps Table Rentals are always a huge hit because of the large number of players who can stand around the table. Walk into any casino and there is always a crowd around the craps table. There is a common misconception that craps is a complicated game to play but it isn't, it's quite easy to learn and great fun to play. In craps, the player bets on whether the dice roll will result in a win or loss.


Come on, we have all been playing with dice since we played board games as a kid right? Now its time for some fun with a grown up game with dice. Call A and S Play Zone today and add a craps table rental to your next event.