Dance Floor 4×4 Foot Sections


You can't have a party without having a place for people to Dance the Night Away. We have dance floors for wedding rentals, birthday parties, or any other type of event. We are very flexible on the sizing of the dance floor rental and can accommodate almost any request! Our brand new dance floor can be adjusted in size to fit your event's needs, so you can take the dance wherever you go!

This has been an especially popular item for wedding rentals in Dayton and Cincinnati. People who have outdoor weddings love bringing out the dance floor rental so people can enjoy the reception festivities. Consider pairing this dance floor rental with one of our tent rentals to protect your guests from hot sun or rain. Add some tables and chairs (strategically placed around the dance floor) and everyone can enjoy the spectacle that takes place. Think of all the fun wedding traditions that happen on the dance floor; The tossing of the bouquet, the tradition dances. There is so much that happens with the dance floor, don't forget it!


Another event that has been very happy with our dance floor party rental has been company picnics in Cincinnati and Dayton. They love to bring the dance floor out to them so the employees can show off their moves for everyone. A dance floor rental lets your guests know that you are serious about fun! Consider having the dance floor rental in Dayton and Cincinanti. You could use it as a way to call attention to the middle of your event if your CEO wants to make some company announcements. Sourround the dance floor with our Bistro Table rentals so your guests can enjoy some drinks and talking while enjoying the dancing to the side. There are a lot of ideas we have for using the dance floor rental in the most entertaining ways possible! Give us a call so we can provide our dance floor rental to your Dayton or Cincinnati event!