Inflatable Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course


Interested in one of the most challenging and intense inflatable obstacle courses around? The Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course speaks for itself. Get your heart racing and adrenaline rushing with 85 feet of inflatable fun in Dayton and Cincinnati! The obstacles on the giant blowup party rental item are frequent and challenging. As soon as participants enter the starting point of the inflatable Adrenaline Rush obstacle course, they meet a small climbing wall, which foreshadows the final challenge. Successful passage through this section leads to a flurry of horizontal inflatable bars that individuals must maneuver through. After participants crawl through the corner turnaround, and are me with multiple blowup obstacles, including upright inflatable tubes. This leads riders to the final challenge. A fifteen foot climb up the rope ladder to get to the exit slide. This is where participants need adrenaline to help spur them forward and over the top of the slide! As you can see, this blowup obstacle course is a challenge, which is what makes it such a fantastic centerpiece at many events in the Cincinnati area.


From renting for school and church carnivals, where kids love to compete against their friends to see who is the fastest, to after proms and college campus events, this inflatable obstacle course is a big party rental success. It is one of A & S Play Zone’s more extreme party rental inflatables, which directs it towards a slightly older audience than most items, but still, younger kids love to try and conquer this blowup obstacle course too!

Three (3) 20 Amp Outlets

L: 40ft
W: 35ft
H: 16ft