Laser Tag Arena


A&S Play Zone offers this UFO Alien Encounter Laser Tag Arena! We bring the party rental item to you, so there is no travel involved, or any hassle! The spaceship inflatable is thirty feet long, and thirty feet wide, in the shape of a circle. It only requires one twenty amp outlet though! The head on the top makes this a popular Halloween rental item in Cincinnati. Inside, there are walls that drape down so participants can hide. The most popular way of playing this game is to have two teams of three people and play for elimination. A strobe light or colored light can be added to the inside to give a more exciting experience.


After proms have also loved the inflatable alien blowup laser tag arena, especially in Dayton. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our friendly staff at A&S if you have any questions regarding this great party rental item!

1 (20) amp