Pretzel Machine Rental


Is there anything better than fresh, hot pretzels? Try our Pretzel Machine Rental with your next party or festival style event! With mustard or without, they're a treat that is always popular. The Pretzel machine rental goes well with sports themed parties, and gives your viewing experience an authentic stadium feeling. If you are having a gathering of people and serving beer, a pretzel machine rental is a great option, as pretzels and craft beer go so well together! Think of your other events like a Super Bowl Party, NCAA March Madness Games, the old BCS bowl and college football championship; There are so many fun events where a pretzel machine rental will add the next level of fun to your event.



If you are really looking to provide a stadium feel for your guests at your event, why not take a look at our hot dog roller rental, nacho cheese machine rental, and keg cooler? We provide all of these concession rental items plus many more party rental items for your special event. Call in today to A&S Play Zone, the largest party rental and event rental superstore in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio to plan your greatest event yet!

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