Projector Screen Rental


Projector Screen Rental Dayton Cincinnati

Looking for multiple projection screen options at one destination? A&S Play Zone makes your deal simpler with our Projector Screen Rental for Cincinnati and Dayton parties.


Whether you need a small screen for residential use or a larger screen for a business presentation, A&S Play Zone offers different collection of projection screens that best suit your requirements. Some of the types are: Front projection screens, Rear projection screens, portable projection screens, fixed projection screens, etc. For giving professional appearance to you’re business presentations Rear projection screens are much recommended as it doesn’t cause shadows of people or objects crossing the light path. The screens are constructed of PVC so that it can withstand rain, cold temperatures, heat effects and other wear and tear problems. The portable projection screens can be easily installed anywhere as it holds a fine grip. This means that you can set this up in your back yard, or at your company picnic under one of our tents. You can even use this at a pool to have a pool party with a movie and popcorn, but we also have an inflatable screen that floats for such purposes. Remember to look into our other Audio and Visual rentals that may go well with this projector screen rental.