Shooting Gallery


The Shooting Gallery is a new item for A∓S Play Zone and it has immediately become one of the most fun and most requested items we rent for parties! Here’s the setup. The inflatable item was a Wild Western theme. The backdrop features Sheriffs, Cowboys, and other staples of the old Western culture. There are different holes all across the backdrop with different point values, and participants try to shoot a foam ball into the holes. The guns used to fire the foal balls into the inflatable blowup are actually paintball guns with CO2 cans, but they are modified to shoot special harmless balls to prevent injury. This inflatable shooting gallery has been an absolute hit at Cincinnati colleges and festivals. The Wright State University students in Dayton played on this game for over four hours during one event. When rented for festivals or carnivals, prizes can adorn the outside of the inflatable. This way, participants can pay to play the game, and if they reach a certain number of points, receive a prize. Whatever event you are having, even a Wild West themed party, renting this inflatable shooting gallery is a sure way to get people involved.


Shooting gallery rental. This blowup rental item is always sure to bring interaction and fun to your Ohio party! If you are interested in other items using our special guns, check out the Paintless Paintball and UFO Tag Arena.

One (1) 20 amp

L: 14ft
W: 15ft
H: 10ft