Wireless Mic with Receiver


A&S Play Zone understands your needs and rents out the best Wireless Microphone With Receiver units that capture the source of audio wirelessly and delivers spoken words with clear sound quality. The wireless receivers which are built into the body of handheld microphone comprises of Automatic Frequency Selection function that will assign itself a frequency producing fine line of sound quality that eliminates other distortions. Grab this wireless microphone w/ receiver units if you are looking for quality wireless audio equipment. This item is a great option if you are having a wedding reception. This allows people to speak over the guests and grab attention when people are presenting. Another time that a Wireless Microphone With Receiver rental would work well is at a company picnic. It can be used for announcements, giving out awards, singing if you want to; The possibilities are endless!


Wireless Microphone With Receiver Party Rental

Our Wireless Microphone With Receiver system allows performers or presenters to move freely about the stage when comes to live sound applications.