Human Whack A Mole Rental



Human whack a mole rental is A & S Party Rental’s newest life sized game. This game is great for all events. Seven participants play at one time. The first person is the whacker. The enter the inflatable with an inflatable hammer and go to the center hole. The next 6 participants put on helmets and find an open mole hole. Plastic balls are placed in the circle around the whacker. The object to the game is for the moles to pop up and take as many balls as the can before being whacked on the head. The balls are placed in a storage bag attached to the side of the inflatable. The mole with the most balls at the end of the game is the winner and moves to the whacker position! The human whack a mole rental is a ton of fun to watch but even more fun to play. The ring is fourteen feet round and 6 feet tall so it is easy to watch.