Velcro Wall


With the superhero craze sweeping movie theaters nationwide, especially Ohio, every kid wants to be their favorite superhero. If your child is a fan of Spiderman, then the inflatable Velcro Wall might be worth renting for your next party. With this blowup, the Spiderman feeling can visit your children and his or her friends in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati area. The design of this inflatable can hold children, and adults, so if any full size older people still hold dreams of being a Spiderman as well, they could try it themselves. To use this blowup item, a participant will put on a Velcro suit, walk back a few feet, run forward, jump into the launching area, and throw themselves against the opposite Velcro placed on the wall. As much as younger children love this item, it also rents frequently for graduation parties and company events.


The experience of flying through the air and sticking to the wall is rather unique, and could be the talk of your party for weeks after its conclusion. So if you are interested in experiencing Spiderman’s power locally, in Dayton or Cincinnati, look at renting the inflatable Velcro wall for your next event. There aren’t many blowups like this one!

One (1) 20 amp Outlets.

L: 13ft
W: 12ft
H: 12ft