Jousting Arena 4 person


Our Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena 4 Person allows for 4 different people to participate at once. The game consists of 4 participants who are battling against each other with Jousting sticks. The goal of the Interactive Inflatable game is to knock your opponent off of his or her pedestal. This is a perfect Party Rental for groups of any ages, especially a group of competetive boys looking for some safe rough housing. The Interactive Inflatable Jousting Arena 4 Person comes with Jousting Sticks and protective helmets for of your guests.


We also have a smaller Jousting Arena for 2 People. Check out our other Party Rental items at A & S Play Zone for your next event!

One (1) 20 amp Outlets.

L: 20ft
W: 24ft
H: 12ft