Skee Ball Rental


The game is played by rolling out the soft balls down the lane that hit the numbered holes. On each single roll, players can score a series of 20, 30, 40 or 100 points. Each player receives nine skeet balls to make out their roll. You can also set a timer to track the number of scores you gain within the period of time. This game set thrill and excitement when played with group of people. If your school carnival or church festival is looking to put on a fun event, a Skee-Ball Carnival Game rental is a great option. Along with the fun this item brings, you can make it even more interesting by providing prizes for people who receive high scores, or have people compete against each other for a high score and a prize! Skee Ball is also a classic game to bring out to your company picnic. There are so many memories that this Skee-Ball Carnival Game rental can bring out. Give A&S Play Zone a call today to see if we can bring this classic party rental item to your next big event!


Skee ball rental. The Skee-Ball Carnival Game is the popular game that is most played widely by all age groups. Make your event electrifying by renting this skeet-ball machine at A&S play zone which comes with a long ramp that length 14 foot with unbreakable base and rim display. Smooth roll is guaranteed and no ups and downs are experienced in the roll passage.